Friday, August 8, 2014

Plum Dumplings

Because it is the season of the plums, I had the idea, or rather the desire to make dumplings with plums. In addition, this recipe is a feast recipe (vegan). During my childhood my mother often made this meal, but I prepared it myself for the first time. The only thing I disliked was that I wanted more bread crumbs. When my parents were not paying attention, I tried to steal their breadcrumbs. But I got my revenge now I make all the breadcrumbs I want.... I love dumplings with lots of breadcrumbs.
We need:

  • 1.400 kg red potatoes (they are more farinaceous)
  • 1.160 kg plums
  • 450 gr flour
  • 2 + 5 tablespoons oil
  • 750 gr breadcrumbs
  • 250 g sugar
  • 1 pinch salt 
How to proceed:
Peel potatoes and boil whole.
Meanwhile, we can handle the breadcrumbs: In a pan put 5 tablespoons of oil in which we put the breadcrumbs. Mix continuously because it burns quickly. When it gets a darker color, turn off the stove and add sugar, and mix until they are smooth.
 Remove the pits from plums and sprinkle with 2 tablespoons sugar.
After the potatoes have boiled let them cool off. When they are cold, crush them with specific utensil, so do not use vertical mixer for it destroys the potato starch. After mashing the potatoes add flour gradually, 2 tablespoons oil and knead well until the composition can be processed. Even if the dough is still sticky, dust the hands with flour, so that the forming of dumplings gets easier, then you run the dough portion into equal parts. Take a piece of dough, flatten it and put a plum, then close them carefully and give them a round shape. Put them in hot water but not boiling and boil until they rise to the surface. Take them with a paddle with holes and put them immediately in the bread crumbs. It is important to put the dumplings in shifts, not all at once; to me they fit each 9-10 pieces. In this composition I obtained 28 delicious dumplings.


  1. Hi Simona, thanks for visiting my humble blog. Wow, your plum dumplings look so beautiful and delectable!!! This is so tempting. How to resist such irresistible snacks!!! Will probably give this a try one day. Thanks for sharing Simona and have a wonderful day :)

  2. Hi Ivy, thank you so much for your visit and comment. Your blog looks great and has interesting recipes. I’d like to try some of your recipes. I’m glad you like these plum dumplings; I hope you’ll try this recipe. Have a nice week-end :)

  3. Hi Simona, these plum dumplings look very special, never have made anything like this before. Pinned to make for appetizers. Thanks!

  4. I don't really tend to make much with fruits, because they always seem to go too fast in my household haha :) Would love to try your plum dumplings though- they sound amazing! I love breadcrumbs too!

  5. I love plums, your recipe looks delicious! Great photos too :)

  6. Hi Cheri, thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll like these plum dumplings.

  7. Thank you Von. I like these plum dumplings with lots of breadcrumbs.
    You can replace fresh plums with dried plums.

  8. Thank you so much for the English translation :) I'm glad I can finally make them now!!

  9. Bonjour Simona
    Un très bel univers que je découvre ici et merci de ta visite sur notre blog :
    J'apprécie tout spécialement ce billet (et tes photos et ton tuto sont superbes) car j'ai moi aussi publier récemment une recette de Dumplings aux quetsches (un de mes fruits préférés qui prolifèrent en Alsace :)) Voici la recette :
    Je continue avec plaisir ma petite balade chez toi ;-)
    @ bientôt, j'espère, Sandy from

  10. Bonjour Sandy et merci beaucoup de votre visite.
    Récemment j’ai découvert votre blog magnifique. Très belles photos et recettes qui me donnent l’envie de les tester.
    J’aime beaucoup la cuisine française, et aussi la cuisine alsacienne. Je ne savais pas que ce plat, de dumplings est aussi un plait connu en Alsace.
    Je suis aux yeux sur votre site.
    A bientôt !

  11. One of my favorite desserts and your recipe looks delicious!!

  12. Nice to see you here, Cristina. Thank you so much for visiting me. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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